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Who We Are

We are team of young and some older Libayns with one common interest, Technology, specifically web technology. Our passion lead us to bring together We.Ly, a platform that aims to help and support local IT development and utilize technology for the advancement of our society..


Shaden Consulting & Technology

Elshaden, the company behind the name, with Technical skill set unmatched in Libya, Shaden technical expertise extend a wide range of technologies, providing We.Ly with the needed support where is needed . our team covers most of the used web technology tools, .Net, PHP, Python, Java etc, using modern frameworks for developing modern applications

Domains.We.Ly , A place to register your .Ly domain Instantly

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We Consult, We Develop, We Train

Providing Consulting on using modern technology.Web, Mobile Apps, and cloud deployment, our team can assist you take the steps to deploy state of the art systems that will bring your enterprise inline with modern technologies

Our Software development team, can make your ideas come to life, using latest development platforms, Laravel, .Net , Symfony, with comprehensive documentation, and well documented manuals. Our development methodologies are always aligned with our client requirements.

Training is as important to us as our work. we beleive in sharing our expereince and spreading the knowledge at We.Ly we run frequent traing courses, for our clients as well as public trainng. keep track of our training schedules and register for the topic you need.